Medical Lien Funding

MedStar Funding specializes in the purchase of current and historical medical liens, specifically personal injury cases and worker’s compensation claims from physicians, facilities and hospitals nationwide.

MedStar Funding quickly monetizes lien-based accounts receivable. We are uniquely positioned to handle receivable evaluation and management. MedStar Funding eliminates the risk of unknown settlements and the administrative burden of monitoring and collecting lien receivables.

MedStar Funding helps strengthen a practice by providing immediate cash flow. Medical providers benefit from our years of experience in medical lien management as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. Selling lien-based accounts receivable is a great way of providing working capital and cash flow without increasing debt.

We employ a staff of dedicated collection specialists and invest our own capital in the ongoing purchase of our clients’ lien-based receivables. As a direct funder, this allows us to make decisions quickly, decisively and without outside interference.

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