Medical Lien Financing Grows Your Practice

Solving Medical Providers’ Cash Flow Needs

MedStar Funding specializes in the purchase of current and historical medical liens from doctors, healthcare facilities, and hospitals nationwide. We specialize in monetizing lien-based accounts, such as workers’ compensation and personal injury receivables. This allows MedStar Funding to eliminate the risks to medical care providers, such as when a patient’s personal injury lawsuit is slow to resolve, by providing medical lien financing.

MedStar Funding has years of experience in medical lien management, and our staff provides fast, professional, and reliable service. Our dedicated collection specialists will take over the administrative burdens of monitoring and collecting lien receivables, which will allow medical providers to focus on their practices and patients.

Value for Medical Care Providers

Sometimes doctors are forced to turn away patients injured in an accident at work or on the road because they lack medical insurance. MedStar Funding’s medical lien financing allows medical practitioners to accept these patients and expand their practices. This service not only helps providers, but it also helps uninsured patients that are waiting on court settlements or verdicts.

Selling lien-based accounts is a great source for cash flow and working capital that won’t increase a provider’s debt. By providing immediate cash flow, our funding services help strengthen practices and allow them to grow. Our years of experience managing medical liens with reliable and professional standards eases collections concerns for healthcare providers.

What are the Benefits of MedStar Funding’s Medical Funding?

Does your office need more space? Do you need more nurses or staff? Do you need cash for the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment? The funds MedStar Funding provides can be used to buy advertising, hire new staff members, or it can be used to expand your facility.

We invest our own capital to purchase the continuing lien-based receivables of our clients and have a dedicated staff of collection specialists. These measures allow us to be a direct funder, which means we can make decisions quickly and decisively without outside interference. Contact our medical lien financing specialists today and find out what we can do for your practice.

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